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GODI Libraries

Name Description
alphaLib Runtime support for code generated by alphaCaml
annexlib Modules to complement the standard library ones
ansicolor ANSI Color library
bdb Ocaml bindings to BDB
bigarray Large statically allocated arrays
bin_prot Bin_prot - binary protocol generator
cache Cache daemon - client library
calendar calendar library
caml2html Syntax highlighting for OCaml code
camlidl Stub generator
camlimages Image processing library
camlp4 Base for Camlp4 syntax extensions
camltemplate CamlTemplate template processor
camlzip reading and writing ZIP, JAR and GZIP files
camomile Unicode library for ocaml
cduce Runtime support for CDuce
cfg CFG - library for handling context-free grammars
cgi Ocamlnet - Compat name for netcgi1
cil C intermediate language
conduit Formatting buffers or channels
crypt The crypt function from libc
cryptgps Symmetric ciphers DES, 3DES, Blowfish
cryptokit Crsyptographic primitives
csv CSV library
curl Lib Curl
dbi OCaml Database Independent Library
dbm Access to GDBM databases
debparser Parser for Debian package description files
debver Compare Debian package version strings
dosebase The Dosebase module
dql DQL (Dose Query Language)
dynlink Dynamic loading and linking of object files
equeue Ocamlnet - Event queues
equeue-gtk1 Ocamlnet - Event queues, integrated into GTK event loop
equeue-gtk2 Ocamlnet - Event queues, integrated into GTK2 event loop
equeue-ssl Ocamlnet - Equeue SSL encapsulation
equeue-tcl Ocamlnet - Event queues
expat OCaml wrapper for the Expat XML parser
extlib Supplements to the standard library
facile A CSP(Fd) library for OCaml
fftw Fastest Fourier Transform in the West, version 2
fileutils Common file operations
findlib Package manager
FrontC Parser for the C language
getopt GNU-style command-line parsing
godi-script Support library for GODI scripts
godiva A .cmi for making the -camlsyntax option work in godiva (not important unless you are l337.)
graphics Graphics primitives (educational)
http OCaml HTTP daemon library
hweak Weak hash table and upcast
hydro Runtime for ICE
hydrogen Generator for ICE
inifiles Parse ini files
io Read/write structured data (dose)
json Data marshalling with JSON
json-static statically-typed JSON data
json-wheel JSON data format
lablGL Bindings for OpenGL graphics engines
lablgtk Bindings for gtk
lablgtk2 Bindings for gtk2
labltk Bindings for the tk widget set
lacaml LACAML - BLAS/LAPACK-interface for OCaml
ledit Line editor
lifetime Represents the lifetime of a package (dose)
lua-ml LUA interpreter
lwt Lightweight thread library for OCaml (core library)
menhirLib Runtime support for code generated by Menhir
missinglib Utility libraries for OCaml
mmap Access memory-mapped files as strings
mysql Ocaml bindings to MySQL
napkin Normalized Abstract PacKage INformatio (dose)
netcgi1 Ocamlnet - Common Gateway Interface
netcgi2 Connectors for CGI, FCGI, AJP
netcgi2-plex Netplex adapter for the CGI/FCGI/AJP connectors
netclient Ocamlnet - HTTP and Telnet clients (FTP experimental)
nethttpd Ocamlnet - HTTP daemon
nethttpd-for-netcgi1 Ocamlnet - HTTP daemon (version for netcgi1)
nethttpd-for-netcgi2 Ocamlnet - HTTP daemon (version for netcgi2)
netplex Ocamlnet - Server framework
netshm Ocamlnet - Shared memory
netstring Ocamlnet - String processing library
netsys Ocamlnet - OS-specific functions
num Arbitrary-precision rational arithmetic
num-top Add-on for num inside toploops
nurpawiki Nurpawiki library
ocamldap Query and create LDAP services
ocamlgraph Generic Graph Library
ocamlodbc-unixodbc Database access via ODBC
ocamlscript Runtime library for ocamlscript
ocs Scheme interpreter
ocsigen Libraries for Ocsigen
oUnit A unittest framework for OCaml
packetology Package diagnosis (dose)
passwdgen Generate pronouncable passwords
pcre Perl Compatibility Regular Expressions
pomap POMAP - library for partially ordered maps
pop Ocamlnet - Post Office Protocol (POP3)
postgres Bindings for PostgreSQL
postgresql PostgreSQL bindings for OCaml
progress Progress indicator (dose)
pxp Polymorphic XML Parser - Convenience Package
pxp-engine Polymorphic XML Parser
pxp-lex-iso88591 Polymorphic XML parser - Lexical analyzer for iso88591
pxp-lex-iso885910 Polymorphic XML parser - Lexical analyzer for iso885910
pxp-lex-iso885913 Polymorphic XML parser - Lexical analyzer for iso885913
pxp-lex-iso885914 Polymorphic XML parser - Lexical analyzer for iso885914
pxp-lex-iso885915 Polymorphic XML parser - Lexical analyzer for iso885915
pxp-lex-iso885916 Polymorphic XML parser - Lexical analyzer for iso885916
pxp-lex-iso88592 Polymorphic XML parser - Lexical analyzer for iso88592
pxp-lex-iso88593 Polymorphic XML parser - Lexical analyzer for iso88593
pxp-lex-iso88594 Polymorphic XML parser - Lexical analyzer for iso88594
pxp-lex-iso88595 Polymorphic XML parser - Lexical analyzer for iso88595
pxp-lex-iso88596 Polymorphic XML parser - Lexical analyzer for iso88596
pxp-lex-iso88597 Polymorphic XML parser - Lexical analyzer for iso88597
pxp-lex-iso88598 Polymorphic XML parser - Lexical analyzer for iso88598
pxp-lex-iso88599 Polymorphic XML parser - Lexical analyzer for iso88599
pxp-lex-utf8 Polymorphic XML parser - Lexical analyzer for utf8
pxp-pp Preprocessor for PXP
pxp-ulex-utf8 Polymorphic XML parser - Lexical analyzer for UTF-8 based on wlex
rapids Random Access Package Information Data Structure (dose)
re Regular expressions
res RES - resizable contiguous memory
rpc Ocamlnet - Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
rpc-auth-dh Ocamlnet - RPC add-on for Diffie-Hellman authentication
rpc-auth-local Ocamlnet - RPC add-on for authentication of local connections
rpc-generator Ocamlnet - Remote Procedure Call (RPC) ocamlrpcgen
rpc-ssl Ocamlnet - SSL add-on for RPC
rpmver Compare RPM version strings
satsolver Solver for package dependencies (dose)
schoca Scheme for OCaml
sdl Bindings for the SDL multimedia library
sexplib Sexplib - automated S-expression conversions
shell Ocamlnet - Unix shell functions
smtp Ocamlnet - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
sqlite3 Ocaml bindings to Sqlite 3._._
ssl OCaml bindings to libssl
stdlib Standard library
str Regular expressions and string processing
syslog Output syslog messages
threads Multi-threading
tophide Hiding toplevel _values
type-conv Type-conv - support library for preprocessor type conversions
ulex Runtime support for ulex
unix Unix system calls
util This and that for dose
wd-daemon-session Wdialog session daemon
wd-inmemory-session Wdialog session manager
wd-xmlcompiler framework for web applications/XML tree compiler
wdialog framework for web applications/core library
xml-light minimal XML parser & printer
xmlrpc XML-RPC client and server
xstr String operations
xstrp4 Syntax extension for $notation
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