How you can put your link into the database

Do you have a new program or module written in O'Caml, or do you have discovered an interesting program somewhere in the Web? It is very easy to announce O'Caml related software in the O'Caml Link Database.

This database is an automatic web service which can be used by everybody: Just fill out the form below, and you get logged into the database where can put hyperlinks pointing to the software you want to make known.

Please note that this is only a link database; there is no file upload area. The reason for this is that I have only little time to look after such areas.

The database distinguishes between hyperlinks entered by the authors of the software themselves (original links), and hyperlinks entered by somebody else (reported links). The idea is that it is assumed that authors better maintain their entries, and that information is more up to date.

There are several fields that must be filled out about the identity of a user. Some of them are visible to all visitors of this site, others are only used for system management; there is an explanation to every field below. Please note that this server is not protected very much and that there are no special precautions taken to prevent people from reading your items. So do not enter passwords that are used as passwords for critical systems at the same time.

Enter here your full name (or a pseudonym, if you like that). This field is publicly visible as the "author's name" in original links, and as the "reporter's name" in reported links. Furthermore, it is your login name that you must type in exactly to get access to the database.
This is your password. Please note that it is both transferred and stored in clear text. Of course, this field is intended to be secret, but there is no way to implement this with current web technology.
Please enter here your EMail address; it is only visible for me to inform you about operational circumstances. I will not give it to anybody else.
Here you can (optionally) enter a URL that points to information about you (or just a "mailto:" link). This field is publicly visible.
Press this button to submit the form. There will be immediate reaction.

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