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Motion-Twin is building web-based Flash video games for several web sites such as Frutiparc and Prizee and recently KadoKado. Because controlling the technology is critical for us, we're developing a lot of in-house tools using OCaml to gain development time and stability advandages over competitors. Using OCaml enables us to quickly develop robust software that we need to build our games. For more information, please contact Nicolas Cannasse.


MEDIT develops SuMo, an advanced bioinformatic system for the analysis of protein 3D structures and the identification of drug-design targets. SuMo is written entirely in OCaml and provides interfaces to several commercial molecular-modelling packages.

MLstate develops a new SaaS programming platform. This language belongs to the ML family and is bootstrapped in OCaml. The solution is not yet available to the public but will be so by the end of 2009.

Exalead develops enterprise and web search solutions, and is rewriting the compiler for its internal language Exascript in Ocaml.

OCamlCore does OCaml consulting, OCaml software design and provides Open Source solution. It also sponsors services for Open Source community and organize OCaml Meeting.



IntelliFactory is small R&D company with ties to Caltech and BUTE specialized in domain-specific languages (DSL's) and multilingual compilers. We investigate how DSL's can be used in a variety of non-traditional contexts, and offer solutions to those who wish to harvest the benefits of DSL's. For more information, please contact Adam Granicz.


Baretta DE&IT has built a full-featured web-based ERP system called FreerP. It is based on their own application server AS/Xcaml, written in OCaml. For more information, contact Alex Baretta.


Stockholm (Uppsala)

Framtidsforum I&M sells ExcelEverywhere, which creates web pages that look and function the same as your MS Excel spreadsheet. JavaScript is used for calculation. Supports 140 Excel-functions. Typically used for expense report, survey, order forms, reservation forms, employment application, financial advisor, ROI.

There are also versions that generate ASP, ASP.NET and JSP/Java code.

The compiler is written using Ocaml.

For more information, contact Mattias Waldau.


Narrow Gate Logic is a company using Ocaml language in business and non-business applications.


London and South East England

Merjis Ltd. work on improving website return on investment by having a mix of good marketing and excellent understanding of the technology. We use Objective CAML because it represents the best of breed technology to use when building websites.


Flying Frog Consultancy Ltd. consult and write books and software on the use of Objective CAML in the context of scientific computing. OCaml excels in the niche of intrinsically complicated programs between large-scale, array-based programs written in languages such as HPF and small-scale, graphical programs written in languages such as Mathematica.

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