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Northridge, California

California State University, Northridge - We use Ocaml for identity managment and web service tasks. We fund the development of the ocamldap, and rmwd projects, and we contribute to the wdialog, and ocamlnet projects. contact us

San Francisco Bay Area, California Byron Hale, Managing Partner, Effective Information, LLC Software driven product development that eliminates extensive testing.

Palo Alto Research Center OCaml is used in our research on intelligent embedded software (planning, scheduling, and optimization). Contact Wheeler Ruml.

Skydeck - Skydeck builds and delivers applications and services for mobile devices.

Wink is a leading people search engine. It was acquired by in 2008, rebranded as in 2009 to reflect the merge.

Tarzana, California

Symas Corporation - We use Ocaml for (our own) web services, identity managment, and access control tasks

Tucson, Arizona

Avisere, Inc. - We use OCaml for developing signal and image processing algorithms.

Manhattan, New York

Jane Street Capital - We use OCaml throughout our operation, from analysis to execution of trades. Contact us here.

Portland, Oregon

Galois - Galois has developed a domain specific declarative language for cryptographic algorithms. One of our research compilers is written in OCaml and makes very extensive use of camlp4. Contact Mark Shields

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