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OCaml users meeting was held here:
Location: Grenoble, France
Date: Wednesday 4th February 2009

Talks news and projects by Stefano Zacchiroli, Sylvain Le Gall and administration team team is the group of people that take care of administrative part of is a set of resource provided to the OCaml community like a forge and a planet.

This short talk will present what has been done during the last year on It will also give some possible direction on what this platform can offer to the OCaml community in the next year.



OCaml Batteries Included by David Teller

OCaml Batteries included (or simply "Batteries") is a community-driven effort to standardize on an consistent, documented, and comprehensive development platform for the OCaml programming language.

Batteries is meant to serve the following purposes:

The project was started after last year's OCaml Meeting in Paris. With this talk, we will show the current status of OCaml Batteries Included and how it may be useful for you and for newbies -- and we'll try to convince you to switch to this foundation library.

Slides Website

Cameleon/Chamo by Maxence Guesdon

Cameleon is a set of tools put together to create an IDE for OCaml. One of these tools is Chamo, a source code editor written in ocaml, a kind of emacs but with ocaml instead of elisp to customize or add features.

If people are interested, there can be a talk to introduce Chamo:



Delimited overloading by Christophe Troestler

Delimited overloading is a set of syntax extensions that allow

In this talk, we will demonstrate the possibilities of delimited overloading, explain some of the problems and solutions that we found while developing it, and show how you can use it for your own purposes.



OCaml as fast as C! by Sylvain Le Gall

This talk will give some tips on how to achieve high performance using OCaml. It is based on the building of STSort, a fast sorting GNU sort like utilities. It will try to show how to go from specification of a full project to achieving a high level of performance for it.

It will show how mixing functionnal and imperative style in an application is one of the important feature of OCaml.


VHDL symbolic simulation in OCaml by Florent Ouchet

In the context of hardware design, current synthesis flows show an increasing interest for formal methods applied on integrated circuits descriptions. This dedicated application, written in OCaml, makes the extraction of models easier and faster.

The author of the application will:


Parsing technology for OCaml: from stream matching to dypgen by Christophe Raffalli

We will give an overview of the various parsing technologies for OCaml: stream parttern matching, ocamlyacc, camlp4, menhir and dypgen. Then, we will focus on the powerful tools that dypgen (by Emmanuel Onzon) uniquely introduces together in parsing technology (not only for OCaml) and demonstrate them on a few examples (including parsing for a small piece of french).


OCaml Windows cross-compiler by Richard W.M. Jones.

10 minute talk given on the Windows cross-compiler work done at Red Hat, and a demonstration of the OCaml cross-compiler.

No slides, but example code here.


Participant should sign up directly using the subscription form below. The subscription fees cover lunch and coffee pause. The subscription will be closed on 25th January 2009.

As of 27th January 2009, the subscription is closed.

People, who whish to join at the restaurant, should add (R) just after their name in the list. Organization team will use this list to book the restaurant on Ferburay 3rd. You can update your entry until February 2nd.

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