Integration with other languages

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Language-specific discussion

We could attempt to interwork with .Net, Java JVM, Perl, Python and Ruby, C, and Cplusplus.

Brandon Van Every asks: Why so many languages? What is the business strategy here? If we try to take on so many languages, we cannot possibly focus. Cplusplus, Java, and C# are the languages that actually matter. (Someone please edit 'Cplusplus' to be 2 plus marks! I don't know how.) They all have big marketshare and are used for big systems development. OCaml could supplant any / all of them, given proper industrial support. The best way to eat their lunch would be to provide interop and a migration path away from them. Unfortunately the technical problems are hard.

We should not worry about chasing scripting languages. OCaml isn't positioned to be a good competitor in that space, and the space is crowded. - BVE

SWIG support

SWIG supports all of the above languages, plus OCaml. But as of April 2004, the OCaml support author was the only one using the OCaml support.