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Whole product

Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore is an excellent introduction to the concept of creating a "whole product" around a technology.

In general, managers won't consider a new technology unless they can go down to their local bookstore and see at least 3 ft of books relating to the technology. They will want to hear about the technology from multiple sources, be able to call up their recruitment consultant and have a large choice of developers claiming many years of experience. They will want to be sure that many other people in the industry are also moving towards this new technology. They will want to see other companies offering services related to the product. Technologies which are whole products have many or all of these extra attributes.

Examples of whole products are: Windows, Java, Oracle, XML. In all these cases we have dozens or even hundreds of companies "surrounding" the central technology and offering additional services. There are many many feet of shelf space at the local bookstore dedicated to each one of these technologies.

To drive OCaml towards being a whole product offering, we need to work on each of these fronts, as outlined in the roadmap.