OCaml Alliance

The OCaml Alliance is a group of interested industry users of the language who have come together to further adoption, advocacy and marketing efforts.

We are not affiliated to INRIA but we are all actively involved on the INRIA mailing lists, helping out others who are learning OCaml.

On these pages you can find out more about our strategy to drive adoption of this exciting and innovative language.

If you are a company or individual looking for help adopting OCaml, please see our list of resources on the home page.

"COCAN" stands for the Comprehensive OCaml Archive Network or the [C?] OCaml Alliance Network. This website may also in the future contain a CPAN-like repository of OCaml software.


This section describes our overall roadmap for industry adoption of OCaml.

(The linked pages are for discussion of the topics. Please add your comments to those linked pages, not here, unless you want to create a new fundamental topic.)

Background material

Marketing background materials for developing OCaml as a "whole product". Reading materials for people interested in marketing.

Brand Identity and Logo

That page is for discussion of ways to create a brand identity and logo for OCaml.

Tutorials, books and articles

O'Reilly are not interested in a book, but will consider an article for oreillynet. We ought to be developing an OCaml article template which can be adapted for other websites.

Industry-oriented website

This wiki is an attempt to make a good looking, functional resource for industry users of OCaml.

Shallower learning-curve for Windows

OCaml on Windows should be simpler to install and begin using. This means incorporating libraries from several different sources into a single (or relatively few) Windows installers.


We should document and develop some OCaml talks which can be given at user groups meetings, and hopefully at more influential conferences.

Integration with other languages

We could attempt to interwork with .Net, Java JVM, Perl, Python and Ruby, C, and Cplusplus.


We are trying to locate training resources, beyond simple tutorials.


If you are looking for an OCaml job, or if you offer contracting or consulting services, or if you know someone who does, please put your/their details on our people subsite so that companies can find you.

If you are a company using OCaml, please put your details on our companies subsite.

Ambitious Open-Source Project

David Teller -- It is my belief that people will not adopt OCaml unless they see it has already been used somewhere as a pragmatic language in a non-academic full project. Therefore, a flagship/"killer-app" is necessary.

Other resources

Miscellaneous external resources.