OCaml and Eclipse

Eclipse IDE

Eclipse is a universal Integrated Development Environment (IDE), written in Java.

Integrating OCaml with Eclipse

There exists three projects to add OCaml support to the Eclipse IDE

1. OCaml Development Tools


ODT seems to be the most active plugin for OCaml in eclipse. The current project page states the following:

Up to now, ODT provides a limited set of features, due to a continuous development. The features provided are:

   * automatic compilation of OCaml sources (ml, mli, mll, mly) based upon ocamldep
   * automatic production of executables by selecting the main OCaml source file
   * custom editors for OCaml sources with:
         o syntax highlighting,
         o automatic indentation
         o error and warning in-line markers,
         o on the fly compilation
         o partial outline view (only for ml and mli sources)
         o all the basic functionalities of the Eclipse editor (word completion, line number mode, ...)

Now, ODT lacks of:

   * completion assistant
   * compilation specific needs
   * full outline view (only a subset of the OCaml abstract syntax tree is supported)
   * debugger
   * unit testing

2. EclipseFP (Eclipse OCaml Support)


This project seems stuck at its early stages, but supports some features not found in the base OCaml distribution, such as incremental compilation.

3. OcaIDE


A fairly complete OCaml plugin for eclipse.