OCaml Standards Recommendations

About the OSR process

The OCaml Standards Recommendations (OSR) process is here to allow discussing standardizations of

Who can participate ?

Everybody is welcome to the discussion, except, of course, trolls.

You will need to subscribe to the OCaml mailing-list, as this is where most of the discussion will take place.

Can you describe the process ?

  1. Someone describes an existing issue with the current solutions available for OCaml developers and starts documenting that situation on the Wiki (see below).
  2. Someone decides to launch a thread on the mailing-list wrt the situation. Please prefix such threads with [OSR].
  3. Discussion takes place.
  4. Participants complement the documentation of the situation, of existing solutions, their pros and cons.
  5. Participants suggest enhancements or new solutions.
  6. Participants volunteer to implement enhancements or new solutions.
  7. When the discussion starts to look like converging towards a few choices, these choices are put to vote.
  8. Whenever voting looks conclusive, we have a new standard recommendation.
  9. Document the standard recommendation with most votes (or the ones with most votes in case of near-tie) on this Wiki.

What about the core OCaml language ? What about evangelism?

While suggestions regarding the future of the core OCaml language and evangelism are interesting by themselves, the OSR is not the place to for such discussions.

Agreed-upon recommendations

Current discussions

Possible future topics

  1. OSR/Immutable strings
  2. OSR/Unicode library
  3. OSR/Unicode identifiers in OCaml - By Xavier Leroy's approval, an exceptional topic dealing with changes to the base language.
  4. Normalizing modules┬╣ dealing with integer arithmetics so as to allow drop-in replacement of integer arithmetics.
  5. Creating a common repository of general, compatible, up-to-date camlp4 extensions (using p4ck maybe ?)
  6. OSR/Ports-like management system

┬╣ remark (bluestorm) : i've done some tests on this topic, see numeric.ml / .mli. for comments, send an email