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London and South East England

Richard W.M. Jones: Contractor and consultant specialising in Objective CAML programming and training. Contact me on 07866 314 421 or through my website.

David Overton: Specialist in functional and logic programming (Haskell, OCaml, Mercury, Prolog). Interested in contracting or permanent employment involving these or similar languages. Contact me on +44 7799 344 322, download my CV or visit my website.

Dr Leonid Timochouk: Specialist in Functional Programming (OCaml, Haskell, Erlang), telecoms protocols, and network applications. Developed a new highly-scalable user-level threading library for OCaml (a la call/cc) integrated with advanced I/O event mechanisms on Linux and Solaris ("TNIO"), a high-performance OCaml SMTP solution ("Gatling Mail"), an OCaml-based meta-search engine, term rewriting systems for business rules, etc. Also using OCaml in scientific research (parallel programming, computer algebra, non-linear dynamics). Please contact me by e-mail.


Dr Jon D. Harrop: Unix-centric computational scientist with research-level experience in computational physics, chemistry and genomics. Often available for 3-6 month consultancy contracts, particularly regarding OCaml and/or OpenGL. Founder of Flying Frog Consultancy Ltd.. Old academic page here.


Nicolas Cannasse: CS Engineer with very good experience in OCaml programming and internals. Checkout some of the software I wrote here

Dr Judicaƫl Courant: 10 years experience in the Coq project (, one of the largest O'Caml program (initially a CAML program then a Caml-Light one). I had taught O'Caml at Orsay University (Paris XI) for several years. Currently working on Java and Web development in Lyon but would be delighted to work on Caml mission (design, development and/or teaching). Contact me on 08 703 702 88.

Martin Jambon - OCaml programmer since 1998. Working remotely for (

Sylvain Le Gall: OCaml developer since 2001, Debian OCaml package maintainer since 2003 and OCaml consultant. I am an OCaml enthusiast and work to make this programming language conquer new fields.


Stefano Zacchiroli: OCaml developer, consultant, and packages maintainer on behalf of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution


Pavel Argentov: OCaml enthusiast. Works as a sysadmin/IT manager for an ISP company. Writes a lot in OCaml (Parts of local ISP billing software, a blog engine for himself, ocaml-sem - POSIX semaphores interface for OCaml, etc.). Wants to write more. Would be glad to test your enormously sophisticated OCaml libraries in his projects ;-). Would be happy to find a relevant job (OCaml/C programming, UNIX system and ISP network administration) in UK, US or Canada, can work remotely.


Gerd Stolpmann develops in O'Caml since version 1.0.3 of the compiler (around 1997). You know me from lots of libraries (Wdialog, PXP, ocamlnet, netclient) and projects (GODI, O'Caml link database). Graduation in 1997 as computer scientist. Consultant since 1998, mainly in Internet technologies. In 2005 I become my own boss, and I am now seeking for interesting projects. O'Caml is preferred over any other language. Follow the link for more information.

The Netherlands

Maas-Maarten Zeeman software engineer, computer scientist, and OCaml enthusiast. You might know we from OUnit a unit test framework for OCaml or from OCaml-Expat a binding for the Expat XML Parsing library. The software is available from my website.


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