Training courses

At the OCaml Alliance we are working to provide training courses in OCaml. If you require training for staff members, then we can put you in contact with people who can provide this service. If you are a company who would like to run OCaml training courses (or who are doing already), please contact us.

Self-help tutorials

OCaml tutorial website and wiki

Jason Hickey's introduction to Objective Caml [PDF, 109 pages]

This is a comprehensive tutorial designed for his students at Caltech.

Documentation page at INRIA

This page contains links to several more tutorials.

An introduction to OCaml, from the Linux Gazette.

Cours de programmation en Caml pour débutants

A french tutorial to learn Caml as a first programming language (180 pages in PDF, PS or HTML) with an automatic on-line exercice corrector.

Thomas Lee: The Many Humps of Ocaml

A series of tutorials on Ocaml with C++/Java programmers in mind. This is a work in progress as at the 6th of July 2007.


Books page at INRIA

This page contains links to English and French books on subjects surrounding OCaml.

Programmation du système Unix en Objective Caml by Xavier Leroy and Didier Rémy

OCaml for Scientists is a book by Dr. Jon Harrop of Flying Frog Consultancy Ltd.